Friday, July 24, 2015

Footsteps Essential

I'm infatuated with the way sentences morph into other sentences and take on a life of their own exceeding the original thought. Bosh on run-ons. How do I know where my words are heading until I allow them free rein?

Today I thought about prayer and how I save prayer for the important things of life-- sickness, health, reconciliation, but eschew the day to day happenings. It's not as if God said only talk to me when it's a big item, handle the little things yourself.

Not that you want to sound as if life is made up of petitions with praise thrown in for good measure. Today on the way to another town it began to rain and knowing that our state recently enacted a " headlights on when your wipers are moving law" our headlights were on. When we stopped for frozen yogurt the car motor was off, but the sports talk show accompanied our feasting.

I'm a slow ice cream eater. After finishing the ice cream we attempted to start the car, but were met with a harsh rasping noise. Yes, we forgot to turn off the lights. Out came the books and we opted to read while we gave the car a chance to do the right thing-- turn on.

So there I sat reading and I figured what can we lose so I silently asked for the car to stop this persnickety tantrum and start. It started. Belief is a funny thing. If it hadn't started I wouldn't think that my prayer wasn't answered, I'd just think that it was a reminder of why I should be more mindful of the capacity of a car battery.

Recently I read an article that warns against waiting for the last line before you get at the point of what you want to say-- but I can't help myself. Imagine if we all prayed for gun control, would that motivate more people to put footsteps to their prayers?


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