Monday, January 26, 2015


It's coming. I listened to the governor. I listened to FEMA. I listened to the radio meteorologists and they all say the same thing-- it's coming. I think that the apocalypse might garner similar media coverage.

The supermarkets sold out of water and bread. I heard one long suffering woman say, " The only milk left was lactose free." We drink unsweetened Almond Milk which was still plentiful.

People were buying guacamole and chips at one store. Perhaps they are practicing for next Sunday's Superbowl. I bought two bags of beet chips, although I had an opportunity to purchase Kale chips. Kale is in, but Kale chips seemed a bit of an overkill. Eating Kale chips while others are dipping into potato chips is standoffish and elitist.

Beets, the very same vegetable that some say grew in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon has a storied history. According to some, and to the ancient Romans, beets are an aphrodisiac. " In Greek mythology , Aphrodite, the goddess of love, ate beets to enhance her appeal."

Maybe the beet chips spiral me back to my childhood and my grandmother's borscht or beet soup. Since my grandmother grew up in Poland and Russia -- the boundaries kept changing-- I expect that her recipe was a combination of the culinary delights of two nations.

Once having left home I never made nor ordered borscht, but felt an affinity with the unadorned beet. It pulled me into a nostalgic state where I roamed amidst memories of other culinary specialties. So eating beet chips is a walk back in time-- of sorts.

Back to the storm. I think we're set with snacks.


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