Friday, April 11, 2014


Tomorrow is our semi-annual trip to L.L.Bean—paying homage to boots made to last for decades, tee shirts that stay the same year after year, and demonstrations showing you how to fly fish. Two hours and ten minutes each way.

We will take lunch and eat in the car after securing a parking spot. This is a routine and we know it—down pat. On the way up we'll stop at Starbucks.

I'll bring several items to return.

We'll walk through the archery and hunting section. I once taught with a speech therapist whose son could hit the bulls eye ten times—I think in a row.

The store will be filled with people wearing L.L.Bean gear. My attire—jeans and a three quarter Saturday tee. I think of it as a uniform.

Everyone will be helpful. And I will carry around my purchases in a large canvas bag.

Before we head home we'll eat some more of our car picnic gourmet food and remark about how everything is as it should be —the same.

Let the French and Italian designers toy around with change.


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