Thursday, December 26, 2013

Searching for a Narrative Arc

Where is my narrative arc? Will there be a conclusion—an epiphany?

Conclusion —a temporal end, finale, finishing point.

Perhaps there is no ending, only some vague sense that there's been a shift.

I started in one place and find myself walking alongside the person who picked up the star. How can this possibly be? Ever look at yourself from another perch? It's informative.

No bells, no drum roll—not even drum majorettes twirling batons. Just one foot in front of another foot. Yet, I don't think I've squeezed release to its end. There's more to this word then my attachment or detachment.

And I don't have the ending—or even a sense of how to go about finding an ending and only a paltry number of days left.

I recall seeing Six Characters in Search of an Author. I am one wanderer, one author, in search of an ending. Or am I looking for a beginning?


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