Tuesday, November 06, 2012


I wore my warm jacket, deep winter gloves, ear muffs and a hat and held my signs the proper distance from the designated polling place.

Some cars honked and some people put thumbs up and others put thumbs down. We watched the cars turn into the library parking lot and said hello to the people hurrying to vote after work.

Sure I had the candidate of my choice on a sign, but I was also so pleased to see the turn out. What a privledge and what a responsibility.

I stayed up until 11:30— cheered when my local state rep was elected, cheered when Massachusetts elected its first female senator.

It was too late for me to stay up to hear the concession speech and the acceptance speech. Now if we could have some aisle movement—if both sides could remember that we are sitting at home hoping that they can learn to work together.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful appreciation of the right to vote

November 08, 2012  

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