Monday, August 27, 2012

So Many Apps

I just read an article about the proliferation of Apps for our every need.

600,000 Apps and still counting. Many are free.

And once you download an App it thinks it can simply order you around—updates abound to make them better, faster, rid of bugs, competitive, or simply to get along with the new software on you tablet or computer or phone.

The article mentioned some of our most fundamental needs—APPS for finding a restaurant, losing weight, reference works, note taking, keeping track of what you read and who reads what and becoming their friend so you can share what you read.

So I did a search of my own. When I typed in toe nails, I found five possibilities——a free one promises me beautiful toenails.

For .99 I can learn about nail art. Stars and stripes for July 4th?

I wonder what they'd suggest for Labor Day?


Anonymous Jan said...

Oops. And I just sent you a bird-identification app.
Ah, well. Some apps harvest info on us. A complex world.

August 31, 2012  

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