Monday, August 13, 2012

Mushrooms, Rocks, and Gulls

After a long walk stalking unusual mushrooms --  we found a gaudy yellow polypore and a short stand of mushrooms looking like white fiddleheads --we headed for the rocks. 

A flat rock won't do. The perfect spot must include a view of waves breaking on cliffs.   Add some spindrift and the repetitive  sound of water. 

Two gulls spotted my Blueberry bar and joined me on the rock, much to my chagrin. I don't care for a seagull with a drop of drool on his beak--waiting. It's not that I can't share, but they don't just want a small tidbit. 

There's a lobster pound in Maine where the seagulls became so
brazen that an unattended plate of food was in danger of being ravaged by seagulls. A sign warned diners that the establishment was not responsible for meals stolen by gulls.


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