Friday, August 17, 2012

Going Home is Always Hard

I dislike packing and unpacking and then packing and unpacking again on the return trip. Perhaps if I stuck to bare essentials, perhaps if I didn't keep putting it off, procrastinating, day dreaming or making believe that it was done-- then the task might be less onerous.

Today we spent time at the rocks despite the heat and humidity. Smitten with the ocean and the cliff lines, the flat rocks, and the patterns of moving water, I couldn't leave until the top of my head and my arms felt singed by the heat.

Rather than take, yet another photo, I closed my eyes and committed the sounds to memory.

These rocks will remain where they are when I return next summer.

Now to pack.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, so soon? That seems sad, yet I'm glad you procrastinated—you remained in the moment. There.

August 17, 2012  

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