Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chickens & Granite

Chickens & Granite

To get to Obadiah's Granite Garden Studio requires a ride down a one car wide dirt and pebble road.

Once there I watched speckled chickens cross from one side of a path to their two coops. Obviously these fowl had the run of the place.

Growing up in the Bronx my knowledge of chickens remains elementary, but I expect that cow pattern chickens are unusual.

The outdoor studio abuts a family owned quarry where Obadiah cuts the granite for his sculpture.

Granite benches, abstract angels, tall statuesque obelisks, and large expressive sculptures vie with the chickens for viewing. 

Two people from Virginia, driving a VW bus with a Peace and Love sticker on the front bumper, purchased a 165 lb three piece angel. 

They wrapped each piece in a blanket and loaded the Angel into the back of the van , nestled it  between pillows and then stuffed the metal dowels that attached one piece to another under one pillow.

Fending off two flighty roosters, I entered a small cabin and purchased a three inch rock. The honor system prevails and on your way out " Please Turn the Light Off"


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