Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Fix Something?

Glues for every hobby, for fixing pottery, adhering one surface to another—strong, durable, transparent or semi-permanent, meant to hold something in place for a moment, or for as long as it takes to decide on whether to cement one thing to another.

Cement a relationship with shared memories. Cement the handle on a favorite mug. Glue a collage of a trip the family took to the Grand Canyon or white water rafting or the surprise party.

Suppose a relationship stopped before enough memories were gathered, suppose it fractured and years and years pass? One person says too much time has passed—what shall we talk about? The other person dips into memories decades old and says how about starting here?


A shelf full of glues, mediums, cements,velcro tapes, buttons, zippers, and nothing that adheres to a why.


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