Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Ready to Go Out

Some people are aware of all the new fashions—the colors, the cut of clothes, what's in and what's out. I've never been interested, but I am amazed at how the word spreads. "This is the new color for summer."

"Five inch heels are in."

If I attempted to walk on anything besides a flat comfortable show—preferably sandals save for the winter time—I'd fall over. Is there a correlation between a burning desire to walk a tightrope and wearing stilettos?

I did read that the waist has returned for the fall—and to think I never knew it had disappeared.

Also I noted that the clothes will be "more manly." Does that mean that boots will have five inch heels?

drawing based on prompt from "The Art of Silliness" by Carla Sonheim


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