Friday, July 06, 2012

Not Just a Catalog

We all collect things—some are in plain view while others languish in boxes or drawers. I could, if I allowed myself the freedom to collect with a wild abandonment, fill up every space in my house. Most of the items would be of little monetary value.

A friend of mine collected unicorns and amassed a quality collection of kitsch—prominently displayed in every available spot. When she tired of unicorns she started collecting three inch ceramic shoes. She normally wore comfortable boots, but her ceramic shoes sported heels.

I find that my treasure trove is tethered to a memory or story. They act like the native American storytellers.

Take the rock , which is really a rich mud color, and hand polished by a friend whose husband said it was a meditative experience. When I pick it up and feel the smooth surface I'm right back in her kitchen listening to the geology behind the rock.

drawing based on prompt from "The Art of Silliness" by Carla Sonheim


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