Thursday, July 05, 2012


Who can help it if someone's book is visible or their conversation intrudes into your space?

Whenever I'm in a coffee house—and before I settle down to my own work—I'm aware of those other dwellers. I say dwellers because we all have a certain attitude and accouterments—usually books, paper, pens, electronic gear and a way of settling into a chair that indicates prolonged occupancy.

My eyes wander, as do theirs. We pick up snippets of conversation. Sometimes we even engage in book discussions before settling down.

Before too long we recognize each other—nod.

I try not to appear intrusive, but I'm not always successful. Two men were discussing the "God" particle.

"It's the cornerstone of existence."
"Everything fits."

When another man joined them he said, "Do you understand any of this?"

A woman at another table said, " I'm certain my church is not going to replace Jesus with a particle."

photo based on prompt from "The Art of Silliness" by Carla Sonheim


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