Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Challenge of the Zoo

My first zoo was The Bronx Zoo—one of the premier zoos on the East coast. Even as a youngster I wondered about keeping animals in cages for all of us to stand back and stare.


Of course it allowed me to see animals that I'd never see unless I went to their natural habitat and that that was out of the question. Obviously you can't go galavanting all around the universe seeking out the animals you find in books.

And being wary of large animals in strange places I expect that even given the opportunity I'd decline. There are lots of places, things I can't see in person—which allows me the wonderful chance to read about them in books.

I've been on the Nile, climbed Everest, sat in a rocket—even walked on the moon. I've visited ancient tombs while never leaving my living room. I remember seeing a television series in the '80s based on the hunting exploits of Frank "BRing them back alive" Buck. I expect that I'd find Frank's exploits rather distasteful now.

Zoos—I'm not sure.

drawing based on prompt from "The Art of Silliness" by Carla Sonheim


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