Monday, June 25, 2012


While in Maine I started to work on an art assignment —for an online art course this spring. The course was finished, but I hadn't completed the last assignment.

Most people did the assignment in acrylics, but I only packed a small portable set of watercolors and some pens and a white china marker—thus I approached the assignment as a miniature version.

The idea —create what was referred to as a scribble painting—loose, spontaneous, bold, and using a variety of media. After the painting was dry you measured out even squares or rectangles, cut them out and then put together a different painting. Actually —rearrange the squares over and over to create a multitude of paintings. Select one version and glue it down—permanence.

My version—neither loose or spontaneous was an abstract watercolor with an overlay of black lines and an occasional white china marker intrusion. It became a meditative excursion.

Tonight I measured —drew lines—and used a small paper cutter to meticulously cut out sixteen mostly even pieces.

Then the fun began. What goes with what? After playing around with the pieces a composition emerged quite different from the original.

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.
~Pablo Picasso


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