Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summertime and the Reading is Easy...

Summertime is perfect for mysteries and espionage books. Once starting down that path it's hard to divert from their allure. If they are a standalone mystery then it's easier to hop from one writer to the next. If, however, it's a series, how can you help yourself from staying with the series until the end. I want to know what happens to the protagonist.

The writer may bait the reader with a possible relationship—book after book. The writer invites the reader into an inner circle where we are privy to more and more intimate details. How can I rush off to another series without knowing what will, has, promises to happen.

As for espionage, I am captivated with the machinations of the undercover agents. I am also intrigued with those novels that insist on veracity and an accurate historical role in the story. No fudging.

Nothing will turn off a reader quicker than someone in Tsarist Russia taking the lid off a non-fat blueberry Chobani Greek yogurt.

Then every once in awhile guilt seeps in and I take out an erudite tome and work my way through multiple pages where I learn new words and ponder creative concepts. But if it's warm or hot outside I am drawn, as if with a lead rope, back to my stack of mysteries.


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