Sunday, June 17, 2012

Straight Talk

I have favorite bookstores in every state I've visited. In Maine it's Blue Hill Books. This year the three books I bought were packed in a bag with these words:

We tried to find Lilies , a wonderful restaurant about fifteen miles away,and asked several Maine folks if we were going in the right direction:
"Yes.Bout four more miles," said a man who turned off his riding tractor in order to hear my question.
" Straight ahead " said a woman who was in her car.

The third person, a woman who decided to share more than mileage.
"They're not open anymore."
"I wonder why. They were always busy and had great food."

"She said she wanted to take the year off."

" You want to eat ? Try Madelines. She's pretty good."

We stopped and had the best fresh haddock sandwich--tasted as if it just emerged from the water.


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