Friday, June 01, 2012

A Perfect Summer Trip

Warm weather and ice cream go together. I grew up devouring shaved ice cones with both exotic names and flamboyant colors. Then I discovered 7-Eleven Slurpees and became an aficionado. And who hasn't responded to the Good Humor truck. My favorite treat--Strawberry Shortcake.

Each year some magazine or newspaper lists the top ice cream shops in each of the fifty states. Imagine taking a trip around the states and stopping at each of the selected shops? Forget worries about weight and cholesterol -- enjoy the pursuit of the best.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have one up here?

June 04, 2012  
Blogger Linda said...

"Among the homemade flavors that light up patrons' faces at Hot Licks Homemade Ice Cream in Fairbanks is Aurora Borealis raspberry and blueberry pures swirled into super-premium vanilla ice cream. 3453 College Rd. (seasonal) and Chena Pump Plaza; 907-479-7813

Recommended by the Alaska magazine staff"

June 05, 2012  

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