Tuesday, June 26, 2012


“We traveled on our Harleys from Michigan to Vermont and then to Maine. We stopped in Boothbay and ate lobsters at a pound—fresh from the water.”

“ I’m writing a book about my mother’s escape from Poland during World War II. She and her sister ended up in Iraq before coming to America.”

“At the age of thirty-five I decided to try painting some watercolors after giving up art in my teens. My first paintings were greeted with rave reviews. I hated my job and decided to give myself five years to get my art career launched. I’ve never looked back.”

“Frozen custard—it’s delicious.”

“In North Carolina we have it all the time.”

“We had a run on veggie burgers and are all out. “

“All I can say in Polish is where do I get breakfast and where’s the men’s room?”


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