Friday, June 08, 2012

Mt Olympus

Go green.

If you live in New England that phrase doesn't refer to being environmentally savvy, but to the Boston Celtics. I must admit to being disappointed with the loss last night, but amazed that they went this far-- injuries, age, and being up against one of the best players make winning a steep climb.

Sure they play again Saturday night, but very few people expect them to win.

Last night they received a standing ovation from the crowd because of how they exceeded expectations and because this group may not be together again.

Isn't it interesting to note how ordinary people live in a particular area, support a team and become passionate about that team. Are we showing pride in our small geographical place, an affinity for competitive sports or a chance to join together with others? We wear clothes with players names, adhere decals on our cars, wear caps with the team logo, and even buy license plates announcing our allegiance.

People love to announce their fidelity to a sports team. We can, with others, bemoan the fates when all is not going well or exist in that rarified atmosphere when Mt Olympus is climbed.


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