Sunday, June 24, 2012

Driving Home

The tug to stay resulted in a stop at Gateway Lobster Pound to purchase two coffee mugs with Gateway's name and signature lobstah.

Leaving wasn't as difficult as it is in late August when we know it will be a winter's time before we return. We'll be back late August when most pounds sell soft shell lobsters—but for a bit more a pound we can still get a hard shell.

I'll miss the sound of the water and the rocks—always the rocks.

The day before we left we went to an annual photo and painting exhibit—very high quality and not occasional dipping one's finger into either photography or painting. We stopped to speak to Greg—we purchased two of his photos last year. Grace, his wife is writing a book, and the two of us talked about the book and about writing in general and research in particular.

Wouldn't it be interesting to have a writing group made up of people from different areas who participate in the group on line. A virtual writing support group. I need to mull the idea around a bit.How would it work? We could set up a private blog—

Something to think about.


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