Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Major Role in the School Play

In the fifth grade Miss Kissel cast me in the role of Cinderella. Andrew played Prince Charming and Joyce was cast as Ashes-- the cat. I'm not sure if anyone else was smitten with the acting bug, but I envisioned myself moving on to larger parts.

I convinced my mother to go down with me to the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater where I hoped to take acting lessons on Saturdays. I recall riding the D train to Manhattan.

The events at the acting school put somewhat of a damper on my immediate plans.

" You need elocution lessons."

Evidently my Bronx accent precluded starting immediately in an acting class. On the way home I decided that I didn't want to work my way up from elocution lessons.

Despite leaving the Bronx years ago I still carry my Bronx accent from place to place. Perhaps turning my back on elocution lessons wasn't the best choice.


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