Saturday, May 26, 2012


Only one library was open today. Most local towns closed for the entire three day weekend. The weather, hot and humid--sticky and more like a sweltering day in late July then a day still hanging in there in May favored the air conditioned library.

I stopped to pick up a book. Fear of running out of reading material means that I stockpile library books. There's a spiritual meditation book on the kitchen table, book three of a sappy series on the coffee table in the living room, a bookmark in David Grossman's evocative novel To the End of the Land and two mysteries in an old maple sugar bucket. Yet, I took out another book.

I read several books at the same time and suppose I didn't care for those I had previously selected? Having another option is important when you know that for two days all the libraries will be closed.

Next week there's a huge book sale on the lawn of a nearby library. It's one that draws the large bag set. These are serious folk who travel in twos and never lose sight of their ultimate goal. I tend to meander and even read several paragraphs before moving on. This slow pace means the possible loss of finding the exact book I wanted. The serious folks methodically work their way down the book aisles, make arrangement to keep moving, and don't drink liquids prior to the sale.

There's always a method.


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