Friday, May 04, 2012

Being a Fan

Tonight I'm watching grown men playing baseball on one channel and then switch channels to watch grown men playing basketball. I'm rooting for the hometown teams—of course.

Years ago I joined a women's softball team, borrowed a glove and headed to my first game. The other team was sponsored by a pub and they looked as if they could really hit the leather off the ball.My team was unsponsored. Most of us belonged to a book club and decided that joining a team might be fun.

My son, who was in the eighth grade at the time, agreed to coach the first game —until we could find a proper coach. By the second inning we all knew that it was easier discussing Euripides than playing softball. Reading The Natural wasn't enough preparation. I spent several innings in the outfield before trying first base—after Myrna, who played that position, twisted her ankle when she tripped over a bat.

By the fourth inning all we wanted to do was leave.The score was 0—18.

I resigned before the second game.

The Celtics and the Hawks are tied with 14.9 seconds left. The Red Sox and the Orioles are tied 4—4.
Overtime for both teams.

The Celtcs win 90-84.
The Red Sox are in the 11th inning.

I never resign as a fan—win or lose.


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