Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Peeked in This Week

Today's temperatures were twenty-seven degrees cooler than yesterday's high. And the day before we broke a long standing record— for a high on that particular day. We all knew that nature was engaged in a tease, but still to walk about with short sleeves, cropped pants, and sandals felt delectable.

Even today, which felt cool, was warmer than expected for this time of year. Tomorrow and the day and the day after slide back down to "what should be".

We all need those escapades into places that are unexpected—whether it's as simple as a spate of hot weather during a time when spring is week's away or stopping what you usually do and veering off in another direction.

How invigorating it feels to alter the usual, to change, to take a risk. Whether something exciting happens or even an epiphany, the turning in another direction creates some tension. And this tension may lead to new ways of looking.

Sometimes I become comfortable doing things the same way —the safe way, but when I stop and veer sharply in another direction or along another path I see new solutions—


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