Sunday, April 01, 2012

Put on Your Helmet We're Going for a Ride

April is National Poetry Month and I've signed up—

For the next thirty days I'll be posting a poem. Actually I think that writing a poem a day means that you're not spending enough time really thinking about the writing of a poem. Or as John Ciardi said in How Does a Poem Mean?

"The fact that a good poem will never wholly submit to explanation is not its deficiency but it"s very life. One lives every day what she cannot define. It is the feeling that is first. What one cannot help but sense in good poetry is a sense of the whole language stirring toward richer possibilities than one could have foreseen."

When I write a poem a day, language—the stretching for the best way to convey something, takes a backseat to expediency. But—perhaps some the poems will draw me back in May or June or beyond when there's more time.


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