Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Heard that the Cold is Comin'

This is New England and the meteorologists are revving up for the winter. Cold cold temperatures are predicted. The real feel is stressed—and that will be much lower than the actual temperature.

Why has New England fallen under the spell of the local weather forecasters? They are our seers—dispensing tales of horrific possibilities in winter and blistering days during the summer. They live for the highs and lows and lull us into belief.

"You can see the snow coming at us. " "We're watching those weekend storms. We'll keep you posted."

"Temperatures continue to tumble." "A shot of cold air." "Area of low pressure is moving ." "Gale warning tonight." "Sunday a storm is approaching us—we have to watch and see how it materializes. We have to watch it closely."

I think that these birds listened to tonight's weather report and panicked.


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