Monday, November 26, 2007

A City Perspective

I grew up in a city, lived in an apartment building, traveled subways, walked miles and miles on urban streets and I always need to return to the city— if only to order an inner compass. I don’t enjoy vacationing in cities and can’t tolerate the maze of traffic. When I travel I want to find new paths, canyon orange and hiking trails.

When I go into the city it’s because it taps into familiar territory. We lived in an apartment building snuggled between two other apartment buildings. At the end of the block we had a real butcher shop where my grandmother bought her chickens.

In East Cambridge there’s a wonderful butcher shop that advertises Fresh Killed Chickens.

In suburbia no one paints murals on the side of a building. Walk around Cambridge or Somerville and brick walls make great canvases. In my Bronx neighborhood there were always the graffiti artists with their bubble letters forming personal tags.


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