Thursday, September 13, 2007

On Faith

So many things I take on faith—staying in the air while flying, gravity tethering me to the earth, the tides continuing to pursue their relentless in and out movements, the return of the geese to the same pond. I find it easier to dissect a piece of writing, to discuss a book, to make connections between historical times and ideas, to ponder philosophy than to attempt to really understand why my light goes on when I flick a switch. I imagine that if I took the time I could learn why, but I’d still need faith when it came to understanding quantum physics. I can parrot phrases about matter and protons and neutrons and how they are made of three quarks. But I really don’t know anything about a quark—let alone three quarks.

Icarus, come sit by my side and marvel.Don't think about the feat of imagining, of designing, of manufacturing, of testing. Delight in the clouds, blue sky, landforms , and the expanse.



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