Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When September Rolls Around

I know when September begins to press its days into the calendar by the racks of new note books stacked in the stores. Each pristine notebook promises a clean slate. It also begins a new year. After teaching for many years I know with a certainty that the year begins in September. I like the concept of new beginnings. August adjusts herself each evening and dusk quickens into darkness. Suddenly one day it's dark at eight and then before eight.

Without any prior warning, or like someone programmed by years of school, I am excited by the clean slate. Each year I wander down the aisles of stationery stores looking for the penultimate notebook. This year I purchased three notebooks. One I'll use for a workshop class I teach. The light notebook fits into my bag and I'll use it to take notes in a class on Contemporary Art. The third notebook remains without a specific assignment.

My mother said anticipation ranks up there with one of the wonders. She always defined the word with a positive spin. She likened the feeling to the waiting that precedes a new experience.

September is the time for resolutions, goals, possibilities. For the next few days I'll contemplate my realistic and the far-fetched goals.


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