Monday, August 14, 2006

A Peripatatic Mind

After spending four hours editing stories for an anthology, playing nine holes of golf and then back for two more hours of editing, my mind leapfrogs from topic to topic. Suppose I owned a lob wedge? Suppose I had a better short game? Today I used my new five wood and I think I'm in love. Tikkun arrived with its special High Holy Days insert. It will soon be time to look back over the past year and take stock. Do I need to repair some relationships, honor the earth, show more compassion, turn toward or turn away—do I take care of myself?

Too many conflicts around the world.The newspapers expend columns on conflicts all over the world. Twirl the globe and chances are you're looking at a spot on the map that harbors a war. We went to see World Trade Center Saturday night. Excellent movie, not sensational—it's important to remember the goodness of people, the bravery, and heroics as well as the horrific devastation.

The summer is a great time for reading mysteries. After a visit to Kate's Mystery Bookstore I returned home with seven used mystery books. By the time the summer ends maybe I'll be able to understand some of what happens on CSI.


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