Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Humbling. Addictive.

How did I become so enamored with attacking a small white ball with a metal stick? Once upon a time I thought golf was ridiculous, an absurdity, a pursuit of pretentious proportions. Now I watch the flight of my drives as if I had unleashed a miracle—a drive that went 165 yards! That , for me, is a dramatic dynamic drive.

I listen to my partner practicing her putting on our rug and know that ultimately the game comes down to the short game, but I love the long balls—even sporadically hit long balls.

I'm not a natural athlete so taking up a sport doesn't come easily. So after many years the euphoria when I finally scored a 99 is overwhelming. And tomorrow holds the promise of possibility. Even in a poorly played game there's one hole, or even one shot that is a vision of what is possible. That's what keeps me coming back—intermittent reinforcement.


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